Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Maida Vale Memories

Well, a fine day indeed, last Tuesday. The band took a collective day off work (though who looked after King Martin's "Bayou's Best Organic Watermelon Stand" we don't know) and made our separate sordid ways to the BBC's Maida Vale studios to record for Mark Lamarr's BBC2 programme God's Jukebox. Bunny arrived early and set a new record for finding a pub in unfamiliar territory, where he claims he had an abstemious tomato juice ... and half pint of gin (his own concoction, known as a Bloody Awful. Anyone who thinks whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger should think twice before trying one of these.)

Mr Lamarr himself was in fine form and his technicians absolutley helpful and phenomenal. The band was rather overawed by knowing we were in the same studio in which Bing Crosby did his last recording in '77. (It was something of a trip to Mecca for Stuart and Bunny, who just kept staring at the brass plaque above the recording booth.)

The broadcast went out on March 12th, and a rather worn-out Rabbit Foot Spasm Band stayed up until the wee hours listening for fluffs in one another's solos (we're really a kind lot at heart) and talking rubbish. As per usual, then. But here's a recording of 'Booze Cruise', a Macbeth original, which the BBC has kindly let us emebed until 10 April 2010. We hope you like it.