Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rabbit Foot Update

I am about as happy as it’s possible for me to be - sessions are finally underway for our new record Year of the Rabbit. I started the writing on the evening we finished our last record by sprawling the lyrics to a song called “Peggy” on the back of a Chinese takeaway menu. Over two dozen songs have come and gone and on the drive up to the studio we were looking at each other nervously and wondering whether the ones that are left will be any good.

I say “sessions” as though we’re holed up in the studio for months. We’re actually in for two days – the next one is in December. We’re recording live with me sitting the one room and the rest of the band sitting in the other room – it’s just like real life! On day one the producer was excellent – he even managed to digitally remove the sound of me and Muggsy arguing between takes. We now have six numbers ready for the record which pleases me immensely.

We’ll be running through some of the numbers at our public shows this month. We are all off to Canterbury at the end of the week to play at The Supper Club on the 8th then we’re down to Margate on Saturday 9th for a show where we’ll be joined on stage by special guest Lonnie Donegan Jnr.

I have got Lonnie Donegan Jnr’s mobile number stored on my phone and I’m rather excited about that. I’ve been too busy looking at it to phone him up. But if I did he no doubt be at the bottom of the garden in his shed, far too busy to take calls from the likes of me.

Next weekend we’ll be swinging for El Nino at Club Thunderbird. This is being hosted at The Castle In NW11 (Golders Green tube station). They’ve got Georgie Fame on Thursday 14th and us on Saturday 16th.

I say this like we’re in the same league as the legendary Georgie Fame because I’ve heard our new record – you haven’t. What is actually going to happen is that I’ll go to the loo when I get there and think to myself “Oh My God, Oh My God, I am taking a slash in the same loo as Georgie Fame”. Then I’ll really this to the band and wonder why they are looking at my flies again.

Finally for October a big thanks to the Kassam Stadium in Oxford, home to our beloved Oxford United Football Club, for allowing us to play and take photos during their match against Stockport.

We’ve always supported the team and going behind the scenes we had a really great experience of a our local football club (take a look at Max Kaminsky's photos). They were fabulous. Next time we play down there they are going to win!!!

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